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When you arrive on a course, you will receive a free tutor book written by Robert Fielding. This contains information about all the things that are covered in the course tutorials but in more detail:


posture at the organ, the hands, basic pedalling, touch, stops, the swell box, playing hymns, inside the instrument, shoes, repertoire and further reading and training.                                 


This tutor book builds on the needs of those coming to these courses for the last 10+years. It is continually being added to as course participants ask for more information and grew from the need to replace the growing amount of handouts that were being distributed on courses.

Updates will be emailed to volunteers when written. Its a useful thing to be able to read through when you get back from a course as there seems so much to take in at the time.    

Anyone not attending a course but interested in receiving a copy by email, the cost is £12 and you need to contact Robert on