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           The course is directed by Robert Fielding who has specialist skills in understanding the problems at this level and is able to give advice on practice methods, controlling nerves, repertoire, starting to pedal, simple improvisation and a suggested scheme of work for after the course.

After attending a course, you are then part of a support network that provides advice on repertoire, playing skills, ongoing training and tips from other players. You become part of the growing community of organists who have been inspired to continue to play and learn about this wonderful instrument.

The courses are for pianists/keyboard players who have been asked to play the organ in       their church and who need immediate help with:

· service and hymn playing

· using stops, tabs, pistons

· choosing music

· pedals, swell boxes, couplers

· planning a scheme of work

 Experienced and sympathetic tutoring provides instant help and encouragement. You are given clear guidance on how to cope with the organ console and how to approach the difference in touch.

You will instantly begin to make the organ sound better and will be able to give a strong lead to worshippers. When you return to your church, the difference will be noticeable.